When to Hire a Professional for Stump Removal

While getting a tree out of your yard might be difficult, that doesn’t mean the job is finished. The task of removing the stump is the next thing you’ll have to figure out. Fortunately the experts at Robbins G.A. can help you with professional stump removal. The situations below are when we recommend giving us a call.

1. Dangerous Stump

If you have a tree stump that is jagged with a lot of sharp edges, then it’s imperative to call a professional right away for removal. While you could try to sand this down or remove it on your own, this would take quite a bit of time. Unfortunately that puts you, your guests, and your family at risk of being hurt. If you want the job done right away, then call a professional to take care of it.

2. Fallen Tree

While a fallen tree can be bothersome, the stump that’s left behind can be just as big of a headache. Instead of trying to chop off as much as you can, simply call a professional to help you. They’ll bring the best machinery and tools to your home to get the stump removed from the tree so you can get your yard back to normal again.

3. Overgrowth

If the stump in your yard has a lot of growth and seems to be ruining the foundation or ground underneath, then calling a professional can be very helpful. They will take care of cleaning up the stump so you can get your yard back to normal without an eye sore or danger being in the way.

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